Tours (How do you listen to Concrete?)

This series of performances are aimed at conveying the natural resources alive and dead "who" compose our infrastructure. All are site specific. Some require audience participation. 

Hidden In Plain Sight: A Natural History Tour. 

The photographs below are documents of my performance as a university tour guide as a part of the Hidden In Plain Sight Art History Symposium 2017. Attendees were taken on a natural history walk meeting the prehistoric sea creatures present in the petroleum based rubbers, wall paint, floor tile, and ceiling tile. We identified metal ores, clay deposits for the exterior brick, and the anthracite coal used to power the building itself. 


Restoring Your Relationships

This public participatory piece was done with the guidance of a therapy pamphlet with simple directions for improving active listening. The relationships in the title are the relationships between humans and non-human entities like minerals in the concrete floors and gypsum in the dry wall. This was performed on April 20th 2018. Duration: 30 min.