Call Before You Dig (On Going)

Call Before You Dig is a series of interventions meant for banal or non spaces both physical and digital. Below are just three current and ongoing projects.

Buried Mycelium

I screen-printed these flags first as a site specific work for the Unnatural Disasters Conference at UIUC September 2018. Below are shots of the flags in the construction sites on campus. However due to positive response from the community members, this installation has spread throughout Urbana and Champaign. Mycelium is one of nature’s many global webs of communication (aka: Wood Wide Web). The flags are replenished as they are stolen and printed on orange vinyl referencing telecommunication lines (human created internet). These are placed where every there is the imminent threat of soil disruption, upheaval and destruction.

Monch Browser

This seasonal work, started in 2018, is the development of an extension to be placed over chrome web browsers and other websites, allowing you continue to read emails, news, and watch youtube while the endangered Monarch butterflies are live streamed from my own home eating away at the leaves blocking your field of view. You can watch these critically endangered creatures without actually while still getting to multitask and burn fossil fuels on the internet. The stills below are of my first season rearing the caterpillars and live broadcasting them while playing Rick and Morty in the background. Other runs were done for days using youtube puppy cams. HTML 5 will be used this fall to make the live broadcast a visual but non interactive overlay of many websites.

We Love You, Arthropod

Enthralled with the number of prairie insects taking up residence in my studio building, and heartbroken by peers spraying raid on them, I created these relief print funerary wreaths to be wheat-pasted in every location where I would find a deceased arthropod. After not being able to stop my peers from killing insects, I made their deceased bodies part of these art installations. These each are 11in x 14in and were printed in 2018, however they may be reprinted as small stickers for quick and surreptitious installation in other public places.