I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, or more specifically: a two story end row home, situated between trees called Maple and White Spruce, three blocks from the 695 beltway, in the Patapsco river watershed, rightful land of the Piscataway Nation, deforested home of the butterfly called Checkerspot, west side of a beautiful city continually rebuilt by the living and the ghosts.

“Place” is important.

In the way we each relate to or define “Place,” internal and systemic hierarchies of material, species, labor, and humanity are revealed.

My art consists of and is not exclusive to performance, video art, and installation. At my core I'm a teacher, naturalist, student, and a perennial volunteer. I focus my art on my own bodily experiences/actions encountering and challenging these hierarchies with the hopes that many viewers can be empathically both repulsed by and relate to these experiences/actions. Like Audre Lorde and many great other humans have said: the personal is political.

This website contains just some attempts.

Here is my CV