everyThing Is Baby

(A series of performances taking place in Townsend, TN

in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 2018)

These works below are the attempts to communicate with “material” without using my english language. What are the simplest things I can do to have communication with bed rock (literally the support beneath our feet)?

The bedrocks I performed with I had spent two years of my life visiting, walking, resting, scuffing up while I lived in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My return to them is both an expression of my gratitude and a feeble attempt to reconcile what was probably a one sided relationship. These rocks take the brunt force of many forces throughout their time supporting the Middle Prong of the Little River.

These actions may look absurd. The desire here is not to be deliberately absurd but to show a sickeningly sincere way of relating to the most formational and structurally important material in our world.