Arts 243 Time Arts 1

UIUC School of Art and Design

Spring 2019

9:00am-11:40am Monday + Wednesday
Art and Design Building Room 225

Kathleen Durkin
Email: kpd2@illinois.edu
Office: A+D 225
Office Hours: Sunday - Tuesday 5pm to 9pm in Noble Hall Ink Lab (message me if you are coming)

COURSE DESCRIPTION Time Arts 1 explores the potential of TIME-BASED MEDIA for creative expression and communications within the context of visual art and design. This class will include assignments in sound, video and their combinations. We'll look at examples of contemporary works and the history of art based in time for inspiration with the understanding that time-based media are uniquely suited to interdisciplinary projects that assume no one formal context or history. The class depends on providing and receiving thoughtful feedback on the developing work.

Our goal will be to attend equally to the formal, contextual, and technical aspects of each subject we address. Work will consist of:
• in-class and out-of-class studio projects completed alone and in groups
• training and proficiency sessions in the computer lab
• discussion and critique
• presentations
• viewing of works in various media, in and out of class
• reading of theories, histories, stories
• research of artists, artifacts for source materials and examples

Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-10:00pm
Friday: 8:30am-4:00pm
Saturday: 1:00pm-5:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm-10:00pm

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A student registered in one or more Art & Design course(s) requiring a facilities fee, will be assessed a $95 facility fee once each term. In addition, you should expect to spend as much as $100.00 on storage media such as harddrives, flash cards, and other supplies.

MEMORY CARDS: Memory cards must be Class 10. I strongly recommend having more than 1 (don’t put all your eggs in the same basket). FLASH DRIVES: I also recommend having more than one of these. At least 16GB.

The following will be expected of you in this course:
1. WORK: You should expect to spend as much as eight hours a week outside of class on projects (or more if you wait until the last minute). Sometimes you will be asked to work with a partner on these projects; you will be expected to respect this arrangement by contributing equally and showing up for arranged meetings.
2. PATIENCE: Important to the success of this technology-intensive course is your willingness to adapt and problem-solve in the face of unexpected (even disastrous) technical snafus. You will be expected to demonstrate that you have done everything possible to achieve all projects. Creativity in the face of adversity (even, occasionally, at the expense of departing from stated project parameters) will help all of us in our attempts to explore these media.
3. PARTICIPATION: Attendance is mandatory, and timeliness is important to our staying on schedule. You will also be expected to contribute to class discussions and critiques through your thoughtful and relevant questions, comments, challenges, suggestions. It is expected that everyone will attend the full length of lab-days. These days are to be used for post-production work - not time when you can go out and shoot. VERY IMPORTANT - for every three sessions you miss your grade will drop a full level (miss three, your grade will drop from A to B, B to C, etc). If you miss 6 classes you will receive an F (fail) for the class. Absences will only be excused with a note from McKinley Health Services or a note from the Dean. No exceptions. 

Your grade in this course will consist of:
1/3 PARTICIPATION: attendance, VERBAL contribution to crits, discussions (that are OUT LOUD with the class, and not just internal discussions that you're having with yourself), short exercises. Eighty percent of success is showing up. Show up. On time.
2/3 PROJECT SCORES: you will receive a grade for each project, based on turning the project in on time and adherence to project parameters. Scores for projects turned in late will be significantly effected. The latest you can turn in a project is one week after the due date. After one week past the due date projects will not be accepted.

MOST IMPORTANTLY if you show up on time to every class meeting, get your work in when it is due, read and follow the instructions for the assignments, don't be afraid to ask questions (technical and content), read the readings, and say what you think in critiques - your grade will reflect your sincere effort.