This collection of work was all produced in the first 5 months of my Artist-in-Residency at Creative Paradox in Annapolis, MD in 2013. All three of these works were inspired by relational gains and losses. Each of these works juxtapose distressed materials with cleanly drawn and sculpted images. The roses and plants were used because they are commonly considered kitsch, romantic, and wild. 

Native Invasives (Someone’s Nightmares)

"Native Invasives (Someone's Nightmares, But Not Mine)" installation was designed to immerse the viewer. The installation juxtaposes highly distressed paper with cleanly painted images of white tailed deer, plantain, and dandelions. Images were chosen for their commonality and lack of desirability in cultivated North American landscapes. These images document "Native Invasives" at the Creative Paradox Gallery in Annapolis, MD in the Summer of 2014.