Arts 243 Time Arts 1

UIUC School of Art and Design

Spring 2019

All of your projects and or project links should be uploaded to our class dropbox in your individual folder, with your last name and project number in the title. Large videos should be uploaded to vimeo / youtube with a link uploaded to your folder. DEAR GOD DO NOT SAVE YOUR UNFINISHED VIDEO CLIP COLLECTIONS IN THE CLASS DROP BOX OR IT WILL KICK US OFF!


1 Who is in your head?

2 Response to “The Propaganda of Pantone”

3 Read / Listen / Respond to DJ Spooky, John Cage, Self Rattling House, and Steve Connor, with at least 200 words to the philosophies being laid out by the 3 writers and the installation piece. Feel free to include personal and political speculation about external factors influencing each the creators. Please upload responses to dropbox by the morning of 2/6/19.

Optional listen: “In Silence”

4 Watch / Respond to Leviathan (documentary 2011) on Amazon Prime, Adrian Piper, Nick Cave, and Teching Hsieh. View these wildly different works listed below to assist you in your performance. 150 word reflection on how a perspective or experience like the ones expressed in the performance works listed can be communicated through the camera angles used in Leviathan? Are there limitations to the angle? 

5 Watch / Listen / Respond to Lydia Moyer, Hannah Black, This American Life, and Michael Robinson. For this response you’ll have to do a little bit of research. Try searching for the same images presented by Lydia Moyer and Hannah Black yourselves. Look up the history of the show Little House on the Prairie. Answer these questions: What happens to an idea/image/sound when it is repeated over a long period of time in media? What do we see in that image/sound when it is viewed out of context? What rules, systems, images you would like to use in order to challenge or up end their meanings? What subtle connections or contrasts would you like to highlight through placement and juxtaposition?

6 Watch / Read / Respond to Ai Weiwei, LA 92, Susan Sontag, and Joanna Moll


Projects 1 Gif Party / Basics in After Effects

Project 2 Sound Mixing/Sound Geography

Project 3 POV Video as Performance

Project 4 Juxtapose / Monkey Wrenching the Archive

Project 5 The Power / Limits of Media

Project 6 Jamming Outside the Classroom

Project 7 Pulling your resources

Project 8 Final Projects, You Weirdos


1/31/19 FREE SHOWING of “Waking Life” at the Armory at 8pm, Hosted by Quasi Theater Donations excepted for People furloughed by the Government Shutdown. Come see Rotoscoping for a whole film!!!!

2/7/19 5:30 p.m. 62 KAM. Visitor Series Lecture, Matt Kenyon, "The ethics and aesthetics of accumulation and waste.” FREE

2/8/19 3:00 p.m. KAM: West Gallery. KAM Gallery Conversation: Kennedy Browne with Anita Chan and Ben Grosser. FREE

3/8/19 MFA Dance performances more to come.

4/13/19 5:00 p.m. KAM: MFA New Media Graduate Thesis Exhibition Opening!!!! Lots of food!!!! FREE!!!